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Cab9 Crew // Finn Mellon: Pro Windsurfer

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Meet Cab9 Team Rider Finn Mellon! Finn is a 20 year old pro Windsurfer from Ireland who has been turning heads as one of the most promising talents to emerge from the Emerald Isle. From Cape Town to Scotland, Finn has been on the road quite a bit but we managed to have a quick catch up with him!

Hi Finn! Tell us what you have been up to recently!

Hey guys, I’ve been pretty busy as of late, I started college this year and for that, I have moved to Sligo.

So far I’ve had plenty of surfing, not so much windsurfing but the windsurfing I have had has been all time!

You travel quite a bit, South Africa, Canary Islands ... Any trips planned this year? And where is your dream windsurfing destination?

Yeah, last year was a pretty epic year for me, I decided to take a year out before starting college.

I am planning on returning to Cape Town at Christmas for a few weeks, Escape the cold of Ireland for a bit !!

I think my dream destination would be the island of Tavaura in Fiji, The place looks so amazing for surfing and I reckon sailing there would be pretty rad.


You've been wearing Cab9 Sunglasses for a while now, what do you like about them?

I really like the style of sunglasses, my favourite models are the Da Costa’s (scroll down to the bottom of the post for a pretty special offer for the next 48h!) and the SandiMans (Finn has been trying our new upcoming model! Look out for the launch!)

Cab9 sunglasses are also flexy and durable, pretty essential in a pair of sunnies!

You're still studying... how do you manage to balance your sports career and your everyday studies?

I’m managing to get all my sessions in at the beach either before or after my classes in college, so I’m not missing much college that way.  

And when I am away for competitions or abroad I will be able to continue following my subjects online and to do my exams online.

You put out your "Eire" edit this year, any more projects in the pipeline?

I recently spent a weekend with the boys from The Chook Journal so we should have a nice clip featuring some surfing and windsurfing soon.

And I will also hopefully hook up with a cameraman this winter and put together another winter edit.



Winter is coming and we know you're on the water a lot, but do you have any snow trips planned?

Ahh, I would love to go snowboarding!

I have been skiing twice but I haven’t hit the snow since I’ve been surfing so now I would love to go back and give snowboarding a go, looks pretty sick!

That’s ok Finn, Cab9 Snowboard School might be able to give you a hand with that!

Finn is currently ripping it up in Scotland, look out for our Insta stories to see what he has been up to!


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