• FAQs


  • What protection do Cab9 sunglasses provide?

    Our lenses provide 100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400 wavelengths. In addition to this, all our lenses are polarised, which means they block glare reflected off surfaces such as snow and water.

    Our sunglasses meet or exceed international standards for protection from sunlight and offer the same level of protection as premium brand models, but at a significantly lower price!

    Europe: ISO 12312-1:2013 

    USA: ANSI z80.3-2010 

    Australia & New Zealand: AS/NZS 1067,2009 

  • What size are your sunglasses?

    Sizing for sunglasses can viewed on the product page tabs inside Sizing. You can view the sizes here also.

    Stealths / Savannahs / Cruisers / C9X
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    Da Costa
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  • How do I know if they’ll suit me?

    Our sunglasses have been designed to look great on almost any face shape, so we’re confident you’ll be happy with your look. However, if you don’t feel they suit you, return them to us and as long as they’re in the same condition you received them in, we’ll give you a full refund.

  • What is your return policy?

    If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return your whole purchase, or part of it, within 14 working days from the date of delivery. Returns from European locations are free!

    To do this, just contact us at help@cab9eyewear.com explaining the reason for the return and we'll provide you with instructions on how to send the article(s) to one of our customer service addresses either in the UK, France or Spain for a refund of the cost of your purchased item(s). To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it in.

    In the unlikely event that the product has a manufacturing defect, at our discretion we will replace either the defective part or the whole item without any expense on your part. If the item is not available in stock, we will return the full cost of your purchase.

    *Extended Christmas returns policy: for orders made from 1st December 2020 you can return your purchase up until 10th January 2021 (normal exclusions apply).

  • What guarantee do you offer?

    Cab9s are built using high quality materials that are intended to withstand the rigours of active use. In fact, we're so confident in our products that we offer an unlimited guarantee.

    If you experience any problems, other than those caused by normal wear and tear or accidental damage, we’ll repair or replace your purchase straight away. Simply drop us an email at help@cab9eyewear.com explaining the issue and we'll take it from there.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do and if you live in Europe, we'll send it to you for free!

    Check out Shipping for other destinations and shipping options.

    If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact us at help@cab9eyewear.com and we'll get back to you straight away. 

  • Can I track my order?

    Yes, if you use the Express Service option we'll provide you with a tracking code so you can check the progress online with the delivery agent.

    All shipments to non-European destinations can be tracked.

    Standard Service shipping to European destinations does not include a tracking service. 

  • Where can I read feedback on your sunnies?

    We're working on setting up a dedicated page for all the awesome comments we receive about our sunglasses, but for now if you go to our Facebook Page and click on Visitor Posts, you can see what people are saying about us: 


  • Where does the name Cab9 come from?

    A Cab9 is a snowboard trick. In fact it's a "switch frontside 900", which in plain English means you hit a jump riding backwards and spin 2½ times before landing and riding off forwards. Easy!

    The Cab9 in Cab9 Eyewear is a nod to our snowboarding roots, and as it's a technical trick that demands a high level of practice and skill, we feel in ties in well with our ethos of working hard to produce a well designed product. Apart from all that, we just think it sounds kinda cool!

  • How should I care for my Cab9s?

    For protection, keep your Cab9s in the microfibre pouch provided when not in use. To clean, blow any dust off the lenses then clean with the microfibre pouch. You can also wash your Cab9s, just use warm water and a mild soap. Clean the frame and lenses by giving them a gentle rub between your fore finger and thumb. Rinse well and dry with the microfibre pouch or a soft, clean, lint free cloth to keep them looking new.

  • How can I speak to someone at Cab9?

    If you’d like to get in touch, shoot us an email to help@cab9eyewear.com, we aim to respond in less than 24 hrs.

  • I'm a retailer, how can I stock Cab9 products?

    Please drop us an email to hello@cab9eyewear.com and we'll get back to you with info on how to become a Cab9 stockist.