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    Who are we?

    We're a collective of snowboard instructors, who between us have spent many hundreds of hours working and living life in the sun. In the snow, at the beach and on the street; over the years we've put to the test countless different brands and models of eyewear in all conditions imaginable and have really got to know what works.                   

    Our aim

    We've long felt that there’s a lack of great quality eyewear at sensible prices. Until now, your options were either to part with an extortionate amount of cash for mainstream brands, or otherwise compromise on quality. Cab9's mission is to provide high quality optical products with a reasonable price tag. Products that not only look great, but satisfy our strict requirements for clarity of vision and protection from the sun.

    The start of something new

    When choosing the designs for our first model of sunglasses, the goal was to create something that would feel as at home on the mountain slopes, as it would for cruising the city streets or chilling at the beach. We wanted these to be our "reach for" sunnies no matter what environment we were in. We wanted fun and funky, with a touch of class! We searched for a frame that would suit almost any face shape and several months of research later, we settled on a sunglasses favourite, the timeless style of the classic "Wayfarer" design, to which we added a modern twist.

    And when you spend as much time outdoors as we do, there could be no compromise on quality. The frames are tough yet comfortable, we use strong, corrosion proof hinges and our polarised lenses meet or exceed international standards for protection from the sun. Furthermore, our sunglasses are super-light and several models feature a soft rubber finish, providing superior comfort and additional grip for active use.

    What next?

    With demand in our home resort of Meribel exceeding all expectations, we've seen the Cab9 family grow steadily and our sunnies have been showing up all over the place, from the Alpine slopes, to beaches in Ibiza and city streets around the world. With new models in the pipeline and a range of snow goggles under design, we're excited to bring you more awesome eyewear products very soon.