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  • 🎈One Year of The Edge 🎉

🎈One Year of The Edge 🎉

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Wow, time flies! It's already been 12 months since we launched our first Technical Collection sunglasses, The Edge.

We've received some incredible feedback on this model, which has made all the work we put into creating these sunnies all the more worthwhile. Over the past year, our customers and our team have been reporting back from around the world telling us how The Edge has consistently been living up to its "Built For Action" tag line.

And they've been popping up in some interesting locations too. From extreme running in the Sahara desert, to wakeboarding with Team GB in Argentina, mountain bike tracks in Bali, and we even spotted a pair being worn by the star of the hit reality TV show, Below Deck!  

To mark this 1st Anniversary we're giving 30% Off any of our The Edge models for a limited time. Take the opportunity to get possibly the best sunglasses you've ever owned!