Cab9 Eyewear was founded by a collective of snowboarders who’ve long felt that there’s a demand for great quality sunglasses and goggles at sensible prices. Until now your options were either to part with an extortionate amount of cash for mainstream brands, or otherwise compromise on quality. Cab9’s mission is to provide high quality products at reasonable prices and we’ve kicked things off with a range of cool sunglasses that look great, packed with the features you’d expect from premium brands.
All models come with Polarised lenses as standard
Our lenses provide 100% UVA/B/400 protection and meet or exceed international standards for protection from the sun
The frames are tough whilst incredibly light and comfortable
We’ve given some models a rubberised finish for additional grip for active use. They won’t slip down your nose!
They look great on almost any face shape
Strong, corrosion proof copper alloy hinges
We hope you love our sunglasses as much as we do! Find out more about our story here.