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Cab9 on Bravo TV's "Below Deck"

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Some of you may have noticed that Ashton Pienaar, one of the stars of hit reality TV show Below Deck, has been wearing our The Edge sunglasses throughout series 7. The show is broadcast on Bravo TV in the USA so unfortunately, it's not easily available for those of us living in Europe. However, if you take just a month's subscription to Sky's NOW TV you can watch the whole series on demand, something we've been doing for the past few weeks! The show chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and live aboard a luxury super-yacht whilst hosting different groups of high-net-worth guests that charter the yacht. Friction between the crew, the challenges of meeting the guests' demands and the stunning locations, make for entertaining viewing, but most importantly, we get to see our The Edge sunglasses looking great on Ashton whilst being put to the test in a working environment, all from the comfort of our sofa!